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Sal Rasa

salRasa-1Sal Rasa has been active in communication, media, and collaborative learning events within business, arts, and education for over thirty years. He is dedicated to the belief, that the overall health of an organization or a community is a direct reflection of that organization’s ability to communicate.

PBS Television has presented Where Words Prevail, a documentary he co-directed and produced about the work of Cicely Berry C.B.E., and Voice Director of The Royal Shakespeare Company. The film offers an intensive look at the power language has to bridge differences. He is developing a second iteration of the project in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London, Theater For A New Audience in New York, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and Nos do Morrow in Brazil. The focus of the project is to develop a worldwide community of teachers who will teach other teachers, the values of Where Words Prevail. The phrase comes from a Thomas Kidd Play, The Spanish Tragedy, and preceded Shakespeare by fifty years. “Where words prevail not, violence prevails”.

Sal has spent the last year, consulting to The State of Vermont on health care transformation focusing on strategic communication and management imperatives.
He has consulted to companies in a variety of industries, including Merck, Schering-Plough, Schlumberger, Abbott Labs, Lancaster General Hospital, BMW, GM, Ford, Nabisco, IBM, Symantec, Omnicom, American Scandia, Citigroup, UBS, BAM (The Brooklyn Academy of Music), The Walker Arts Institute and Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.

He was a senior communication consultant at Watson Wyatt and served as Vice President of Global Communication and Business Transformation for Maritz Performance Improvement Company. Sal was chosen to contribute a chapter to a collaborative book on the business value of social knowledge, recently published by IGI and Minot University, calledSocial Knowledge: Using Social Media to Know What You Know.

He is fully conversant with cutting edge social networking tools and measurements to help build community. At Parsons Center for Design, Sal facilitated student – driven innovation by directly working with client businesses. He has taught at Brooklyn College of the City of New York.

While at Maritz, Sal worked with global teams facing constantly changing business models. He was the lead consultant to IBM and co-authored the baseline cultural change documents for IBM’s first hybrid marketing channel, developed global CRM learning methodologies for several years, and led the IBM/Maritz team’s company-wide business transformation communication strategy. To accelerate worldwide re-engineering and cultural change, Sal conducted studies of IBM’s integrated supply-chain communication, global software, and helped develop the company’s early intranet.

He has also led community-driven neighborhood initiatives to advocate for decent treatment of people facing the powerful influences of highly funded real estate developers.



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