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Take a Survey

Thank you for offering to complete a UTP survey.

As of December 15, 2014, we have closed out Survey 1, and we are preparing our next interation.

Soon, we will be giving you access to our aggregation data showing you what we learned from your first survey inputs.  We will be sharing with you four spreadsheets:

  1. Key LTSS activities (use-cases),
  2. Data elements that LTSS service providers have indicated that they would like to receive as part of the activity, “request for service,”
  3. A matrix showing data elements along the side, and activities across the top, and x’s in the cells indicating data elements that might be included for each activity, and
  4. A worksheet that we will be using with one of our pilot groups which they can use to provide feedback about the data elements that they currently are and are not receiving when they receive a request for service, and how they would like this to change.

Soon we will be publishing these spreadsheets as work in progress, and you will be able to add your comment to any cell.


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