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An opportunity for you to take a deep dive into UTP, and to participate…

This is a bit technical, so for this you’ll need to fasten your seatbelts; but it is a chance to get your hands dirty, and to dig through our data, and to have your say. As we have said, one of the cornerstones of the UTP project is our iterative methodology, by which we talk to LTSS providers (as well as patients and caregivers) to learn what are the important activities on which we should focus, and what are the patient/client data behind these activities that must be transmitted from one provider to another to maximize quality and efficiency of care.

After a first round of interviews we have arranged what we have heard in a series of tabs in a master UTP work-in-progress spreadsheet. Continue reading


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Deep Dive Into an Activity (Use Case) — Snapshot of Work in Progress

Click here to see data elements that are being considered for the UTP to support the activity, “Request for Service.” These represent data that should be generated when a request for service is made. This is just a work in progress — it will evolve as you provide feedback through our survey.