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About UTP



This project is the first of many steps to develop a Universal Transfer Protocol to enable the exchange of essential information among long-term support service (LTSS) providers, patients and their immediate caregivers, and other health care service providers.  This project will design the process for developing an initial set of standardized data elements for exchange between providers and receivers of services, as well as a method for continuously refining and enlarging that data set.  While this project will ultimately provide the basis for electronic information exchange by all stakeholders, this is not an initial focus for the first phase of the work.

The UTP is not a “form.” It is:

  1. A set of standardized, interoperable, and reusable data elements
  2. Rules that govern the communication/transmission/exchange of these data elements
  3. Methods for continuous refinement of these elements and rules
  4. Performance metrics for the exchange of the data


Our methodology is iterative. We will begin by meeting with patients and their caregivers, as well as providers of health care and support services, and asking each of them what data/information they need to receive from other providers and caregivers. We will determine what information needs to be exchanged during important activities such as service intake, eligibility determination, request for services, avoiding readmissions and ED visits, care coordination, and medication management. Through these meetings, and through separate interviews, we will build libraries of data elements that can be reorganized to meet the needs of any exchange, and will make the exchange of meaningful data more accurate, efficient, and timely.

We want to focus initially on populations that make heavy use of LTSS services and on LTSS providers who care for a large number of individuals.  We will start with the most important exchanges in order to produce the most comprehensive set of data elements.  We want to identify patients with the most costly and complex care coordination needs.

Your contributions to this project are critical.  Your perspective will be representative of other providers and receivers of services across the state and will help to build the library of data elements and processes that will be used to improve care everywhere in Vermont.

For more information: will take you to im21 UTP News to view, voice your opinions, and take our survey.

Please encourage others to do so. UTP affects us all. Together, we can create a UTP charter that people will use and believe in.

Feel free to contact: Sal Rasa 917 – 597 – 0053



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