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January 30, UTP Regular Updates

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Colleen Arcodia Peer Advocate VCIL

  • No access to medical or social Information that has been causing poor health.
  • No access to other organizations that the peer is currently working with.
  • Contact information such as phone number are not easily available
  • No status updates when things change in the peers life.
  • Each organization does not know what the other organizations are working on with the peer and when that goal has been successfully completed.

“When the care managers are not involved in planning a transition from a hospital to a residential facility it affects where the next patient will go to the next available bed. If the care managers are not involved the bed they intended to use can cause a ripple affect for the impact it can have on the clinical status of the individual who is impacted. And the costs. Our Case Managers are UTP. The system is not”.

– Mourning Fox, LCMHC Clinical and Operations Director, Dept. of Mental Health


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